Thursday, April 26, 2012

Day 338 of 365... Secret Sauce!

...And it was Good! 

Thanks Kenny for fixing us your special Dinner and Home-Made Sauce!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Day 337 of 365...Rainy Days!

Today is Beautiful,

...and not-so-common in California! 
Enjoy it while its here! 

Lake Balboa and it's Blossoming Trees!

Day 336 of 365 ...My Girl Linds!

Lindsey is home from her vacation and back at work at the Daycare! 
These kids are so lucky! 
She is an amazing person and loves kids!
She will make a great Mom one day! 

Yeah!!!    Lindsey's back! 

Day 335 of 365... Fun with Fotographing Flowers!

Close up details,

...Color changes, 

...Depth of Field!

Fun Fun Fun!

Day 334 of 365... Thoughtful Friends!

Flowers & Dinner from Friends is so very special! 

Thank you Doug and Thea!

Day 333 of 365... Bottle Trees!

Creating Art in the Garden!

Blue Bottles make Beautiful Bottle Trees!
...Green and Brown Bottles are nice too!

Day 332 of 365...Happy Easter!

A perfect day to be in nature and reflecting on life on this earth!
I happened upon this perfectly imperfect flower! 
Happy Easter....Happy Resurrection Day!

John 11:25-26
Jesus said to her, "I am the resurrection and the life.
He who believes in me will live, even though he dies;
and whoever lives and believes in me shall never die.

Day 331 of 365...Hiking with Dogs!

Hiking with the dogs is fun! 
They LOVE it! 

Day 330 of 365... Handy Men!

So grateful for my handyman, Cal. 
Thanks for fixing my broken camera lens! 

Thank you to Russ too! 

Day 329 of 365... Feathered Family!

This family made its home at the Family Day Care! 
What fun to show this to the little ones! 

We observed the birds watching us on the ground running and playing. 
The Papa sat on the telephone line and watched and sang his song, 
as the Mama bird flew in and feed the chirping babies! 
...I love birds!

Day 328 of 365...Relaxin!

Kicking Back and Relaxing!

...Enjoying the Fresh Air!

Day 327 of 365 ... Little Fingers and Toes!

The fingers and toes of babies and toddlers are so precious!

Ten little fingers and ten little toes,
Eyes full of wonder and a cute little nose.
Wrapped in a blanket from grandmother yarn, 
My heart is full as you lie in my arms. 
Entrusted to me, I'll give you my best;
A bright future for you is my quest! 

from a cute little book written by P. Taylor Copeland

Day 326 of 365... Hanging Out with Toddlers!

Spending the day at A Family Daycare, filling in for a week!
....Eat, Play, Love! 

Day 325 of 365...The Taste of Germany!

Homemade by Me! 

I used my new Cookbook and made a delicious dinner of 
Pork, Potatoes, Carrots, Dumplings, Sauerkraut,
and a selection of German Beers! 
I was so busy, I forgot to take a picture!

...everyone loved it!

day 324 of 365... The Feel of Germany!

Creating a table decoration in preparation for my German Dinner! from the front shrubs and mini beer steins!

Day 323 of 365...Spring-ing!

Love the Sights in Spring! 

...So Fresh!

Day 322 of 365...Photography Job!

My friend Marian hired me today for an Insurance Broker's Event! 
Used my new flash and I learned lots! 

...and the food was yummy, too!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Day 321 of 365...Wonderful Weather!

I am so grateful for the wonderful weather in Germany! 

...Thanks Mom and Dad!

Day 320 of 365 ...Delicious Tastes to Remember!

Lattes and Ice Cream Every Day!

Our Last German Dinner and Beers with Katie!
....and later Her Homemade Cake and Cappuccino!

Day 319 of 365...Shop, See, Eat!

Lots of Shopping!

Walking and Sightseeing! 

And a Special Dinner was prepared at the home of Special Friends, Willi and Silki!

Day 318 of 365 ...A Beautiful View!

We went on a lovely walk and had a great view of Landshut!

It is just, Wunderbar!

Day 317 of 365...German Fun!

Surprise! They came to the Party in their New and Borrowed Dirndls! 
I love these dresses! ....they danced all night!

....darn, wished I would have packed mine!

Day 316 of 365... Feeling the Love!

Monika and Illona
I am grateful to witness their commitment to each other and share in their special day! 

Day 315 of 365... Wurst Salad!

Monika whipping up her specialty...Wurst Salad is the BEST!

Day 314 of 365... Traveling with My Mom!

Very excited to take this trip with my Mom! 
We are off to Germany for a week!

So carefree, relaxing while we wait. ... arrived very early!