Monday, November 28, 2011

Day 199 of 365 ...Decorating with Nana!

We brought and bought Christmas decor to make Janice's place festive! 

It looked like A Winter Wonderland! ...the neighbors were all peeking in! 
So happy Cal's Mom has such a nice place to live and such good care! 

Day 198 of 365...Shooting!

Thankful to go out shooting,
...with my camera that is!!! 

I have never shot a gun of any sort! STILL! 
I will stick with my Nikon! Thanks!

Day 197 of 365 ...Warm Blankets!

So thankful for warm blankets on this chilly night! 
Target and Cabella's!  

Got to bed at 7AM! Fun times with Laura and Aaron!

Day 196 of 365 ...Giving Thanks!

In America we set aside a day just for being thankful! 
... A Great Tradition!
Happy we could visit Cal's family in Arizona today! 

A walk around the block before dinner! 

Lots of help in the kitchen! 

Getting ready for midnight outing! 

Happy Thanksgiving!

Day 195 of 365 ...Bold Color!

Fire Engine Red!! 
Just laying there in the wet grass! 


Day 194 of 365 ...Beautiful Old Road!

We have beautiful trees with the Fall colors, 
You just gotta look for it! 
This was on my drive home today along the Old Road, Valencia!

Catch it  before they all fall!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Day 193 of 365... Interesting Fungi!

Front Yard Mushrooms! 

So Interesting to Look at! 
This one is pretty old, when new, they are white!
I wonder what is decaying under the ground?

Day 192 of 365 ... More Rain!

Love this Rainy Fall Sunday! 

I can't recall another Fall like this one.
The leaves seem like they all are falling off the tree very quickly, 
Maybe the breeze and the heaviness of the rain makes them fall off sooner!
Our walkways are covered!

Day 191 of 365 ...Rain!

Grateful for the Rain Today! 

...and no where I need to go! 

Day 190 of 265... Little Rascal!

Grateful for Our 4 Legged Friends! 
Darla keeps us laughing and always so excited to see us when we return
...even if only gone 10 minutes!!! 

See her Smile?

See her Laugh?

Friday, November 18, 2011

Day 189 of 365 ... Green Dog!

Little Bella is a Green Dog, according to "What Color is Your Dog? by Joel Siverman...
She is very timid and sensitive to noises, a spoon, clinking on the plate, hurts her ears! 
I am so enjoying this book ...and our little Bella! 

So Beautiful!

So Tired!

So Funny, LOL!

...Her personality is "oh-so sweet!"

Day 188 of 365 ...Boots!

My favorite shoes to wear are cowboy boots! 
Perfect to wear when leaves are falling,
and the weather starts cooling off! 

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Day 187 of 365... Backyard Learning!

Backyard Entomology - Mantis - there are over 2200 species!
The closest relatives are termites and cockroaches...yuk!
Spotted this one in my backyard!

...this guy was really watching me!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Day 186 of 365 ...Feather Earrings!

I bought these from a young artist at the Artsy Flea! 
I like the simple-ness and the beautiful quail feathers!

Thank you Artisan, Natalie Bruno!
check out Artsy Flea on Facebook for their next event!!

Day 185 of 365...Artsy Flea!

I am thankful for the inspirations here! 
A creative bunch of young budding artists, selling their wares!

...and Cheryl's Yard was so cute, she's a talented artisan, too!!! 

Day 184 of 365... Pilgrims and Indians!

I love these little characters I found, a few years ago at HomeGoods! 
...These girls look like they are really celebrating thankfulness!

...Thank you God for all we have!

Day 183 of 365...Sunnyside up for Breakfast!

I have been eating eggs for breakfast nearly everyday for 6 months!!
....I have eggs on the brain! 

Eggs, Bacon and Pancakes!
I found this collection this summer while searching for heart shaped rocks!

Day 182 of 365 ... Mum!

Mums say Fall to Me! 
Especially these colors! 
My Mom would Love this MUM!

I bought these for myself at the grocery store!

Day 181 of 365 ...Fun in America!

I drove inside Magic Mountain today for work, where the visitors usually walk!  
I got this shot of the flag from inside the park!

We are so lucky to have so much fun in the USA!

Day 180 of 365 ... Apple Trees!

Yum!  Its time for apple picking and baking!

I can smell the aroma already!

Day 179 of 365... Amazing Artichoke Continued!

I saved this beautiful Artichoke! 
Instead of picking it when it was ready to eat, I let it grow and continue on to flower...
the most amazing purple flower followed... and it still continues to amaze me!

The thistles puffs, pop out and fly away in the breeze!

Day 178 of 365...Fall Weather!

Chilly Sunny Breezy Day!
This grass looks so pretty blowing on this sunny day!

Time for scarves and long underwear! Love the Fall Weather!

Day 177 of 365 ... The Best Dentist!

Cal broke his front tooth and had to have it extracted today!
We are so thankful to have a wonderful dentist!

... he's still smiling!

Day 176 of 365 ...Work is good too!

I tagged along to work with Cal today!
So thankful he is my Handyman! He can do anything!!!

Day 175 of 365... Flowers from a Friend!

A Sweet Surprise, this cheered me up!
It smells like a flower shop in here!

Made this into a watercolor...since my shot was out of focus! 

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Day 174 of 365 ...Soaking up the Sun!

The Doggies and I love to Nap on the Grass
...and soak up the warm sun! 
So thankful for our quiet backyard!

Day 173 of 365... Changing Weather!

Here comes the Wind! 
Thankful nothing big came down...just leaves! 

A little more cleanup for my pool guy Cal!

Day 172 of 365 ... Happy Birthday Miss Oct 31st!!

Today I am grateful for Morgan! 
23 Years old today...
May you have another year of happy and fulfilling days around the sun!!

I love this little momento for my special "Miss Oct 31st!!"

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Day 171 of 365 ...Beauty at a Distance!

A Perfect Web and The Sun Bather!

An Amazing Web Weaved!

Day 170 of 365 ... Secret Agents!

Agent 86 and 99! 
Happy Halloween!

Get Smart is one of Cal's favorites!
He does a great Maxwell voice and I got to wear my GoGo boots!! 
...they made me dance good!...I think!

Next Mission: The missing front tooth!

Day 169 of 365 ...Travel Delay!

The train broke down on the way home!
So we had an extra wait in Santa Barbara! 
It was a nice afternoon and a beautiful sunset! 
I enjoyed watching the people.... 
Everyone was very patient and calm!  
...even the guy who was missing his flight in LA!

Next time I go by train...I won't bring so much luggage!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Day 168 of 365 ...Two of a Kind!

It is Extra Special to Have an Extra Special Friend!
Birds of a Feather, Flock together!

Lunch at Dockside! 
 Julia and Carly hanging out after school!

Day 167 of 365 ...Hollyhocks!

A favorite flower of watercolorists!

This single variety is one of my favorites!  
They do best in dry places...not too much watering! 
This one from Pam's garden is perfect!

Day 166 of 365 ...Artsy Town of Cambria!

Cambria had a special Scarecrow Display.... This was my favorite!
Next year, I am gonna give this a try at my house!

Day 165 of 365 ... Amazing and Quick!

Emily is so swift!!  She whipped out another necklace today after school!
She creates such lovliness!

Day 164 of 365 ... Dive in!

Sometimes you are not sure... you may come up with something! 
...don't be afraid... just dive in! 

Day 163 of 365 ...Creative Beading!

Girls being Girls!
Our day of Jewlery Making!
Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice!  ...well pretty much! xoxo

Day 162 of 365 ... Teacher Mary!

She is very special
... the children love her
...and I do too! 

...She even teaches me things!

Day 161 of 365 ...View from the Train!

The train ride was fun and relaxing! 
This picture is from my window on the way up to SLO!
...see the boat?

Day 160 of 365...Orange Roses!

If Red Roses mean Love...what does Orange mean?

With their blazing energy, orange roses are the embodiment of desire and enthusiasm. 

Orange roses often symbolize passion and excitement and are an expression of fervent romance.


Day 159 of 365 ... More Orange!

Orange... on my mind!
I have been wearing it too!

Day 158 of 365... Fall Leaves!

I love Fall and Red Leaves!

...the spiders love them too!