Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Day 256 of 365... Purple and Yellow!

These yellow birds and the purple vine, look so nice together! 

...put out a little birdseed and the "Color"  appears before your eyes!

Day 255 of 365... Walking in the Rain!

Umbrella and Boots, Walking in the Rain Kind of Day!! 
Love it!

...We have real drops today! 
The branches match my vase of branches, inside!

Day 254 of 365... Sharing is Nice!

And sometimes it helps you keep warm!

Day 253 of 365... Aloe Flowers!

I love these beautiful blooms...
Did you know Aloe has such a pretty flower?
It is strange discovering things I never noticed before... there is beauty all around us.

Day 252 of 365... Nature Nearby!

Birds in our backyard at the end of the Day!

...Bath Time!

Day 251 of 365... Sweet Goodbye!!

As I sat on the bus, awaiting departure to go home,
I saw this cute couple sitting on the bench chatting in the warm sun!

"Mom and Dad - Pastel Effect"

...waiting to wave goodbye to me!
I really enjoy visiting my folks!

Day 250 of 365 ... Feet Up, Relaxing!

Special Quiet Moments with My Mom!
Their Home is so Comfy and Cozy!!

Day 249 of 365 ...Remembering When?

My Baby Sister! 
You were so cute!!!
...and still are!

Day 248 of 365...Old Stories to Go With the Photos!

I love to hear the stories behind the images that were captured to save away!! 
Spending time with Mom, sorting all her photos and slides!! 

Day 247 of 365...Being a Girl!!

Grateful I am a girl!
...because girls know how to have fun!

Julia and her Basketball Team....
where there is more than winning that is important! 

Day 246 of 365..High School Soccer!

Paso Robles HS vs. Arroyo Grande HS! ..under the lights!!

Sara playing Offense and Defense!  She sure can run! 
Great to be in the stands again!....I miss Girls Soccer!

She has the Lauffer Stance!

Day 245 of 365... Time with Sus!

I am grateful for time to visit with my sister Susie! helping her with projects! 
Whenever I have a cup of Tea...I think of her! 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Day 244 of 365... House Guests!

It makes me happy to have my family come and stay the night!

Susie and her littlest babe!

Mickey-D for a pitstop! On our way to the next adventure! 

Day 243 of 365...Being A Kid Again!

"Aunt Laurie" is what they call me!!
Being an "Aunt" is lots of fun!

Grateful to Celebrate with Hannah, her 5th Birthday!!

A day of fun at Chuck E. Cheese, cake and ice cream and sleeping over!!

Big Brother Ben Wins Big!

See Aunt Mary Play!

See Mother (Susie) Jump!

Slide Amy Slide!

Day 242 of 365... Almost Raindrops!

I love this non-flower arrangement!
A vase of branches for January!
...with hanging glass raindrops!

I saw a picture of these years ago and searched the internet for them . 
These simple droplets appeared this year at Target, in the Christmas decorations!

Day 241 of 365... Vines-A-Bloomin!

Grateful for flowers in the middle of January...
our yard has lots of blooms! 

Potato Vines are so easy to grow and their beauty is so sweet!

Day 240 of 365 ...Dinner with Family!

Appetizers and Drinks
 with Lindsey and Justin!

...oh so good!

Day 239 of 365 ...Special Gift!

A Charming Scarf! 

...Thank You Donna!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Day 238 of 365 ... Celeste!

Shared this dessert and the stories of our Life-Adventures!
The old and new, happy and sad, carefree and difficult!
Tears for our hurts and touching tales. Giggles for our silliness-es and fun.

Can't Get enough! bittersweet chocolate!

... Ah, How Good it Feels, The Hand of An Old Friend! 
                                       Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

We met as teens and I know, we will forever be friends! xo

Day 237 of 365 ...A Day with Karen!

Time with my girlfriend! 
To the Reagan Library and Lunch!

A special display of Christmas trees representing a period of history of the USA!

....inspiration for Our Christmas trees next year!

Day 236 of 365...Smellin' Roses!

To Pasadena to look at the Floats!

I have always wanted to do this...did it this year!

Stopping to Smell the Roses!

It was the perfect California Day! 85 degrees!

Day 235 of 365... Antique Violets!

Grandma's Violets...transplanted to our garden years ago! 

They look especially nice today!

Day 234 of 365...New Boots!

...and very "SNAZZY" Ones at that! 

Extra special stitching design. My Christmas Present from Cal!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Day 233 of 365...Welcome in The New Year!

A Quiet Eve with "The One I Love!"

May "2012" have a "Lil Extra Sugar" in it!!

Day 232 of 365... New Toys!

we all love to play with "New Toys" after Christmas! mini tennis balls!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Day 231 of 365 days...New Books to Read!

Yum... fresh ideas for food and garden!

Day 230 of 365...All is Calm!

All is quiet now... Morgan went back to San Francisco today.

... thinking about the nice visit with our kids... it went by so quicky, 
...I can still hear her playing!

Day 229 of 365... Bye Wes! LAX and back to San Francisco! work and school and friends!
I'm so glad you love your school!