Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day 33 of 365 . . . growing up!

Our little baby, humming birds are growing up.
Getting ready to leave the nest! 
That went by fast! Grateful to get to see them grow up! 

Just like Weston! ...leaving the nest!

Day 32 of 365 . . . Lavender

Love the smell of lavender and the colors against the white picket fence!

Day 31 of 365 ... sunny back patio!

Love our back patio! 
Favorite spot in the summer. 
Especially right after hosing off and watering all the plants!

Day 30 of 365 . . . bubbly!

Diet Coke...my favorite treat!

Day 29 of 365 . . .frozen pizza

My kind of fast food!

Easy quick and yummy!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Day 28 of 365 . . . Pampered Feet!

Grateful for freshly painted toes...getting ready for summer!

Day 27 of 365 . . . Fresh from the Farmers!

So nice to have fresh veggies!
The farmers gather Wednesday night at the mall!

Day 26 of 365 . . . Homemade Soup!

Tortilla Soup! 
Grateful for the yummy recipes from Mom!
This is one of my family's favorites!

Day 25 of 365 . . . Puppy Love!

Bella is such a sweet dog!
She will miss Weston when he leaves for San Fransisco!

Day 24 of 365 . . . Freedom

Love to watch a waving flag. 

Grateful to live and be free in America!

Day 23 of 365 ....Anything is Possible

My friend Kim, such an inspiration. 
She is always thinking,,, and she has the best attitude.
Whatever Life brings...she runs with it! 
Our superhero! "Kim Possible"
Grateful to know her!

Saturday, June 4, 2011