Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Day 82 of 365...The Feeling of Aahhhh!

The Golden Grasses and Giant Oaks on a warm afternoon!

Day 81 of 365... Enjoying the Moment

Being There while your There! 
Enjoying the Moment, Running, Splashing, Looking for Shells and Other Interesting Stuff!!

day 80 of 365... Daddys Love!

Hannah and Her Daddy!

Daddy's make their daughters feel special!
I am so grateful for mine! 

day 79 of 365... A Different Painting Every Night!

Each Day the Sunset looks a little Different! 
Floating Cotton Candy !

Day 78 of 365... Creative Ideas!

Making extra-ordinary out of an electrical box!  What a fun idea!
These are all over SLO.

Day 77 of 365... Unique Places to Visit!

So Fun to Visit New Places and Learn New Things!
Elfin Forest!  Extra Small California Oaks!
...just makes you want to Run , Climb, Play!

Day 76 of 365... A New View!

A New View of Things... A New Perspective! 
Grateful for New Friends with New Views!

Day 75 of 365... Daydreams!

I like to dream of what it would be like to live places! have morning coffee on your little patio live in the city and walk to dinner overlook the shoppers live on top of your store?