Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Day 139 of 365 ...Morning Sunshine!

Bella and I love the Morning Light 

She finds the spot to get cozy, where it is shining in!
She can see the front yard and all the passerbys too!

Day 138 of 365...Lunch date!

Enjoyed lunch at one of my favorite spots !

...with Sandy...she radiates warmth and sunshine! 
Such a SWEET gal!

Day 137 of 365... Yard Animals!

Backyard Wire Walkers!

Our backyard circus is very entertaining!
at the end of the walk they fly to the tree nearby!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Day 136 of 365...Extra Blood to Give Away!

A local teenager, Drew, has Cancer and today was his Blood Drive! 
Over 200 people came out today to donate!

It was so easy...compared to what he must going through.
We learned today that we need 9 pints to live 
...and we have 11-12.
Gods perfect plan, that we have a few extra to give away when needed!

Day 135 of 365... The LOVE of our dogs!

Carlie loves Lindsey! 
What a sweet dog she is!  

You would never know by her tough exterior!
...she goes along most everywhere they go! 

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Day 134 of 365 ...Exploring History!

CSUN exhibit from the Mulholland Family!

Afternoon with Judi- LA Farm Girl Extraordinaire!  
Learned the "How to s" of research! 
Love to learn about the area I live in!
Our house in Winnetka, used to be a grove of walnut trees!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Day 133 of 365 ... Finding Worms!

This guy was a monster! 
Hornworm - see his little horn on his rear?

Sometimes, unwelcome guests are hard to find!  
Not this guy! 
Glad we found him before he ate too much! 

Day 132 of 365 ... End of Summer!

Enjoying the last days of summer! 
Warm Mornings and Evenings! 

Watering at Sunset! 
Love how the sun shines through!

Day 131 of 365 ... Dirty Hands!

Love to get my hands in the dirt! 

Whenever my neighbor sees me gardening, 
he says "Laurie, You shouldn't be working that hard!" 
I don't think he understands how much I enjoy it! 
Its not work to me!

Day 130 of 365 ...Chinese Lantern!

Abutilon - Hummingbirds Love them!  
Bloom year round in our backyard!

Day 129 of 365...Beautiful Light!

Love this Lamp! 

It makes such lovely light at night!

Day 128 of 365 ...Morning Glory!

I love LOVE these flowers! 
Easy to Grow, Color of Purple, Heart Shaped leaves! 

...too bad that Cal hates that they take over and grow like crazy! 

Day 127 of 365 ... Cookies!

Yummy Sweets! 
I feel like the cookie monster with these sitting in the cupboard!

Day 126 of 365... More Closet Space!

Getting organized!
Switching around closet space! 

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Day 125 of 365 ...Lovely Breakfast!

Coffee, Food and Good Conversation!

Sharing Ideas and Feelings! 
The Best Way to Start the Day!
xo Kim and Lori! xo

Day 124 of 365 ...Artistic Planting!

There is something very satisfying about gardening. 
I love to rearrange the pots on the patio and freshen up the plants.

My sister, Mary inspires me with her succulent plantings and collections
...a nice place to display my special finds too!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Day 123 of 365 ...Fresh Paint!

Painting walls is not my favorite thing to paint, but the finished product is so nice! 
Grateful I can do this myself! ...with some help from Cal too!

Weston's old room is all freshened up now!
Love the color!

Day 122 of 365 ...Proud to Be An American!

Ten Years since the attack on America. 
A day to remember and be grateful to be an American!

This display on the grass parkway, 1 flag for each person who lost their life on that day.
It was really touching to see the faces and not forget what happened.

God bless AmericaLand that I love.
Stand beside her, and guide her
Through the night with a light from above.
From the mountains, to the prairies,
To the oceans, white with foam
God bless America, My home sweet home.

Day 121 of 365 ... Rainbows!

I feel like a kid when I see a rainbow...I want to run and tell someone, 
"Did you see the rainbow?! ...look up there!"
Grateful for the Surprise Every Time!

Day 120 of 365 ... Drought Resistant!

A bright spot by the pool! 
Thankful that these plants survive and are forgiving of forgetfulness! 
Surviving 110 degree weather!

Day 119 of 365 ... Chatting Away the Day!

Starbucks Iced Tea and Chatting Away the Day!

....So glad they have refills! 
I am grateful for good friends ....that are like sisters!

Day 118 of 365 ... Sleeping Dogs!

Ahhh! Peaceful Sleep!

Bella is so cozy!

Day 117 of 365 ... Funky Art!

I got this at the Elementary School Art Auction Fundraiser a few years back! 
I "Love" it! Kooky Hanging Love Bug!

Day 116 of 365 ... A Day at the Zoo!

A Day at the Zoo with Cal!

Simple fun on a day off! 
Grateful for interesting things to photograph!

Day 115 of 365 ... Beautiful Skies!

Grateful for Backyard Beautiful Sunsets!
Sometimes the power lines add to the picture!!! ...well?!!!?

I just need a treehouse higher than the telephone poles!

Day 114 of 365 ... Fresh Cut Grass!

Fresh Cut Grass is my Favorite Smell of Summer. 

The dogs love to run and roll on it when there are no pine needles to stick them!

Day 113 of 365 ...New Levis!

 Levis will always be my favorite choice for jeans!

Grateful Khols has Long Lengths!

Day 112 of 365 ...Cool Feet!

Cooling off my feet at the end of the day! 

Something special about sitting on the side of the pool and putting your feet in!

Day 111 of 365 ...Tall Trees!

Wow, Our Amazing us shade, and lots of pine needles!

Mom and Dad planted this from a 1 gallon pot! 

Day 110 of 365...Amazing Skies

Every evening is different! 

...I wonder what they are seeing up there?!

Day 109 of 365 ...Red Dahlias

The Brightest Red I have Ever Seen!

Loved the Display of Dahlias at the Golden Gate Park Yesterday! 
...who knew that we would get to see this awesome gigantic display!?
...I am so lucky!

Day 108 of 365 ...Growing Up!

Kids are "All Grown Up!"
...and what good people they are!

Leaving San Francisco! 
...See You Soon!

Day 107 of 365 ...New Adventure!

San Francisco - Interesting Place!
Glad we could help Wes move and get all settled. 
He has a nice place there and a nice group of friends!

Day 106 of 365 ...All Packed!

So glad we have a big car! 
We packed the suburban full and Cal let us put the mattress on the top!
Yea Haw! Weston is off to college!

Day 105 of 365 ...Welcome Sign!

I love signs! 

Cleaning up the front porch!  Perfect spot for this old sign!

Day 104 of 365 ... More Hearts!

Hearts are Everywhere!

..It is good to be Home!

Day 103 of 365 ... Red Front Door!

Red Doors are so Lovely!

Come on in!... Left the wreath on the door, since Christmas.
As the seasons changed, It just seemed right, it should stay! 
...May Peace Be With You!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Day 102 of 365...Lunch Hour!

Lunch at the beach today!
Feeding Frenzy!  What a Sight!

Day 101 of 365... Natures Candy!

Yummy Dessert...Low Carb too!

Day 100 of 365... Garden Center!

Trip to Miners Garden Center to see the flowers and plants!
We have a common interest!

Day 99 of 365 ...Jade Beach!

Exploring the coast for flowers and jade! Up the California coast!

Day 98 of 365 ...Interesting Finds with Morgan!

Rock hunting and nature observing! I see new things everytime!
Grateful to have some fun time with Morgan!

Day 97 of 365... Dinner with Family at the Barn!

The Barn has a 360 degree view!  X-tra beautiful this evening!
Yummy dinner by Mom and Dad and the family gathered!

day 96 of 365... Coffee Beans!!

Fresh coffee beans and a new coffee grinder! 
We have been making the best coffee lately!

Day 95 of 365... Sunshine!

Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy! 
Gotta love California!

Day 94 of 365...Sunday Evenings!

Something about Sunday Nights!
Dinner near the beach with Mom and Dad and on the way home we caught this!

Day 93 of 365 ...Butterflies!

"Butterflies Alive" Exhibit with Julia... she is so sweet the butterflies loved her!

Day 92 of 365... Entertainment!

Went to the Early Show with Mom! 
"The Help"  a wonderful story!

Day 91 of 365...Bracelet of Many Colors!

I love this eclectic collection put together by my creative sister!
Grateful for her free spirit!

Day 90 of 365... Little Carrots!

Not enough time for gardening this year!  
....well just a little time for some little carrots in the Franzmann Garden!