Sunday, October 9, 2011

Day 150 of 365... Being Silly!

It feels good to be silly and playful! 
...taking time to enjoy the moment!

...It can't be in my 50th year on this earth!

Day 149 of 365 ...Afternoon Nap on the Lawn!

Napping in the sun on the freshly cut lawn! 

... a perfect Saturday afternoon!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Day 148 of 365... Fresh Veggies!

Chopped bell peppers for Taco Soup! 
One of my families, all time favorites!

...shhh! don't tell them how easy it is to make! 

Day 147 of 365...Mmmm..Hot Tea!

Today was the first "Cool Day" of Fall!
Hot tea is perfect for a chilly afternoon!

...especially in my hand-painted "Mary Engelbreit Teapot" !

Day 146 of 365... So Happy Cal Arrived Home!

Cak is home from his trip and unpacking his suitcase!
Darla missed him, too! time, she knows where to hide!

Day 145 of 365... Planting in Fall Colors!

Pots on the porch - to go with the season, 
with a swirl-ly metal trellis for the vines!

The bright, green and dark, dark. leaves are "Sweet Potato Vines"!
That really says "Thanksgiving" doesn't it?
I love this color combination!

Day 144 of 365... Cooking Together!

It is great to have help in the kitchen.
Cal is a very good cook, too! 

Yummm, Breaded Chicken Breasts, Grilled Onions and Red Peppers over Pasta!

Day 143 of 365... The Night Sky

Tonight the sky is so pretty!

I need practice photographing the night!  

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Day 142 of 365... Always Learning!

Spent the day learning new things in Photoshop!
This was a fun project, "My First Baby Photoshoot!"
...learned a lot while adjusting and retouching! 

I like BW and I tried some colorizing on this one!
....there is so much more to learn ...gotta get busy!

Day 141 of 365 ...Cousin Friends!

Cousins are special kind of friends! 
We share memories of family gatherings and fun times and hard times! 
Cousins are your friend for life!

Our families have moved miles away... 
so they are not always available to share a meal with cousins are the next best thing! 
Becky and I met at The Junkyard, in Simi Valley!

Day 140 of 365... Watching Babies Sleep!

So Beautiful and Peaceful! Hailey 12 days old!
Ten Fingers and Ten Toes!

Donna's first grand-baby! So grateful to photograph her! 
We spent the afternoon posing her while she slept.. sweet!