Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Day 74 of 365... Girl Friends!

Hiked to a beautiful Spot off Hwy 1, to the Swimming Hole. 
My niece Emily and her girlfriends! 

Oh... to be 16 again!!

Day 73 of 365... Long Shadows

I love this time of day! 

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Day 72 of 365...Fair Food!


We love the Fair Food! 
Deep Fried Snickers, Giant Hot Dogs! 
...and even these made out of Yarn! 

Day 71 of 365 ...Succulents!

My sister Mary was the first of us girls to love these plants and we all love them now! 
Love the colors and that their hardiness!!  ...easy to keep them looking lovely!
Susie's patio is ready for some now!

Day 70 of 365... Refreshed Feet!

On my feet all today!
Love to re-Fresh my feet!

Day 69 of 365...Old West is in Town!!

This Cowgirl Loves the Country! 
Herding the Cattle to the Fair!  
Fun for All the Kids...Big and Small!

Day 68 of 365... Travels

Mom and Dad are Off!

Excited for their trip!  I will miss them!
Can't wait to hear about it and see the pictures!

Day 67 of 365...Beach Collecting!

Collecting interesting things from the beach and more!
Hearts, shells, pieces of wood! Its so fun....I can't stop! 

Day 66 of 365....Dinner with Friends!

Dinner with Good Friends! 
Mom made centerpieces and added the wheat! 
...Love it!

Day 65 of 365... A New Day!

Sunsets mean Good-Bye Today ...It's a New Day Tomorrow!

Day 64 of 365...Doctors!

Today I have 2 appointments
Eye Doctor and Dentist.
Life would not be so easy without them!
(Hey this was a difficult shot!)

Day 63 of 365...405 Freeway!

We are grateful for the 405! May not always be a fun drive, but it connects Southern California!
"Carmageddon this weekend!" 405 is closing for the weekend!
We will drive home the alternate route that Cal will take the next few days!
Mulholland Bridge is coming down! 

Day 62 of 365...Cambria

Another beautiful spot on the Central Coast!
A walk with Mom and Dad and lunch with a view!
I am so thankful for this time!

Day 61 of 365... Sunflowers in the Garden!

This is one from Mary's Garden! 
Perfect Yellow in the Afternoon Sun!

Day 60 of 365... Wild Flowers!

Wild Flowers are so pretty!
There are so many different ones...I Blinked and almost missed this one!

Day 59 of 365...Golden Grass and Oaks

I love this time of year! 
The Golden Grass and the Oak Trees look so nice!

day 58 of 365...old things

Santa Margarita Ranch!
A little bit of OLD!

Day 57 of 365... Competition

The Thrill of Victory!

Day56 of 365... blue

Amazing blue color of this lizard.
I never noticed the color before!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Day 55 of 365... Sunset Colors!

I love colors! 
These flowers matched the sky this evening! 
A M A Z I N G !

Day 54 of 365... an extra special one!

Sometimes you get an extra special shot! 
just as it is!

Day 53 of 365... Fireworks for Dad!

Celebrating The USA and my Dad!
... watching fireworks, I will always remember one of the kids saying 
"This is so great...everyone celebrates Papa's Birthday!"

Day 52 of 365... Sun Day

Enjoying Sunny Sunday! 
Love this time of day... everything has a golden glow!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Day 51 of 365... Love

Love.... the greatest of All!
...Congratulations to the Bride and Groom!

Day 50 of 365... My Mom!

Grateful to Celebrate my Mom and another trip around the Sun!!
I love her! xoxo

Day 48 of 365... Creating

Fun Faux! 
Grateful for Creative Projects...They are So Satisfying!
Mary and I made Wood out of Metal!

Day 49 of 365... Julia Baking!

Baking a Birthday Cake for her Gramma! (My Mom!)
Specially made by her grand-daughter Julia. 
I can't think of a special-er one!

Day 47 of 365... Power of the Ocean

Grateful to See and Feel 
the Power of the Ocean. 

Day 46 of 365... Rock Hunting

Free Time to spend... rock hunting! 
Love this place!
Do you see any heart shapes???

Day 45 of 365...Feathered Friends!

Grateful for the Feathered Friends I see along my way! 
Walk along Montana de Oro.

Day 44 of 365 ... New Recipes!

Grateful for this Food! 
New recipes from Sunset Magazine!

Day 43 of 365... Summer Camp!

Sweet Memories of Summer Camp!

Day 42 of 365...Seeing Hearts!

Its fun to see hearts everywhere! 
Grateful for the Whimsy in Life!

Day 41 of 365...Hope!

When I look at the sunset..

I am grateful for the hope in the new day tomorrow!

Day 40 of 365...Summer Harmony!

Beautiful First Day of Summer!

On the Central Coast!
Interesting places to visit!

Day 39 of 365... Poppies!


Grateful to live in a beautiful State....
Love our State Flower!

Day 38 of 365... Fathers!

Grateful for my Dad!
A very wise man!
I love him a lot!

Day 37 of 365 . . . Hearts!

Dad Collects for Mom's Collection
Grateful of Finds of Nature!

Day 36 of 365 . . . Warm Welcome!

This is such a inviting front door!
I feel so welcome!

Day 35 of 365 . . . little friends!

...grateful for Darla!
We love this little dog so much!

Day 34 of 365 ...stitches!

Visited an embroidery shop where they do millions of stitches a day! 
Love this color combination!